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API 6D Trunnion mounted Ball Valve, ASTM A105N, 12 Inch, 600 LB, RF

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API 6D Ball Valve Manufacturer: API 6D Trunnion mounted Ball Valves, 12 Inch, Class 600 LB, API 6D, RF End, Full Bore Or Reduced Bore, Hand Wheel Operated.
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Size: 12 Inch
Pressure Rating: Class 600 LB
Material Body: ASTM A105N
Hand Wheel Operated.

Split Body Side Entry Design.
Full Bore or Reduced Bore.
Locking Device (or safety interlock key).
Single Piston Effect, Double Piston Effect.
Emergency Sealant Injection System.
Fire Safe Design. Anti-static Device.
Blowout proof Stem Design.
Body Vent Device.
Stem Extension for Underground & Cryogenic Service.

Design and Manufacture: API 6D
Face to Face: ASME B16.10
Flanged Ends: ASME B16.5
Test and Inspection: API 6D / API 598